Wednesday, September 3, 2008

So far...

I started student teaching a week ago and it has been pretty fun so far. I will certainly NOT be teaching the rest of my life. Its fun and I love the kids but I am still so excited about working in a church!!! I had to do an all about me page with the kids and fill one out myself. It was quite funny when I came to the question "What career would you like?" HAHA I am sitting up there teaching kids and I am not going to teach. I looked at Mindy and she laughed and was like " Tell them the truth!" That was fun "Well, I am getting my degree in teaching but I really want to work in a church." Lucky, they all have a touch of ADD and forgot 10 seconds later. There are a lot of things that I would certainly fail at as a teacher! I am a push over for snaggle teeth and droopy faces! Kids can manipulate me in a heart beat. I am really good when it comes to multi tasking in an office. I can make a sale, talk on the phone, and organize a schedule all at the same time. But...stick me in an environment where I have to organize EVERY child's thoughts, EVERY child's binder, follow all of the policies, procedures, and standards, time manage every single word, and keep the patience to not pull all of my hair out if not a child's, EVERY SINGLE DAY...I would undoubtedly be certifiably crazy after 2 weeks. Soooo if you think the military, camp ministry, or digging ditches is hard...go teach for a day! You will have more respect for that teacher then your own mother! Next time you see an educator...give them a hug...they need it!

I have learned a lot through this so far. I have respect for a lot of people including children. They deserve the same respect we do and they recognize us giving respect to others. It is sad how we forget that one or two encouraging words will brighten someones spirit or even a hug! Sanity is not black or white...there is a gray area...teachers reside there! Positive feedback can make or break someone. A quick prayer to start your day and little ones throughout can make all the difference in the world!

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