Tuesday, December 9, 2008

It's Finally Here!!!

Well my college graduation is 4 days away! Where has all the time gone? It seems like yesterday Britny and I were sitting in our dorm room freshman year and saying "What are we going to do now?", after our parents left us! 4 years ago my plans for myself were so different then they are now. I came to TWU for dental hygiene and I am graduating with an Elementary Education degree. I figured I would be engaged and almost married to the amazing man God has given me! :) I am still paitently waiting for that one. The only thing that even still resembles 4 years ago is the gas prices! Praise the Lord for that!

I thought when I graduated I would be ecstatic! It is more bitter sweet then I ever imagined. I find myself bursting into tears at the drop of a hat in fear of the future. I am a planner by nature so sending out 20 resumes and not hearing a response is un-nerving to me! Jonas has to constantly remind me that I am much stronger then I am acting and I have never been alone nor will I ever be alone. I know I have to give it all to God and know he will provide me with the job he has in store! Why in the world am I doubting and worried? He has never dropped me before! Needless to say my worldly nature is definetly conflicting with my faith...

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