Monday, January 4, 2010

Update on Money!

GOD IS SO GOOD! Jonas and I got the good news this morning that the VA is going to be paying for his school!!!! We are thrilled because that is $41k that we don't have to worry about paying back! We feel so blessed because we know God has been working through this and we truly give all the glory to Him!

I just got off the phone with the Texas Higher Education Coordinating Board. I was denied loan forgiveness and I still have to pay my loans back. There is some confusion about my degree plan and the number of hours I was contracted to and some hours that were supposed to be substituted that were not. I took this as an answer from above! My loan payment has been lowered almost $25 a month. My original quote was $150 a month for a little over $17k. When I called today my monthly payment is now $124.33 for $15,357. I STILL feel incredibly blessed by our Lord! He has provided a great opportunity for me to build my credit without a credit card!! My loan has NO INTEREST ! This is the best situation to have to pay back a college education! It is weird...but I have never been so excited to pay back $15k before!

Jonas and I are so thankful for God's beautiful grace in our money matters! AMEN!!!!

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