Friday, March 19, 2010

Romans 12:12

"Be joyful in hope, patient in affliction, faithful in prayer." Romans 12:12

Such simple words to live by. I love this verse and I am clinging to the hope that it brings. The past few months have been a roller coaster with everything we have going on. I feel beat down. This verse lifts me up when I read it.

Jonas and I have been diligently praying for wisdom and sovereign interference in regards to his school financial situation and a job. Jonas heard that he was going to have to start paying for his school starting April 1. The school has put him through the ringer! When he signed up they told him that the school was connected and he would be able to receive the G.I. Bill to pay for it. Lie. They were never had any connections at all. Then they told Jonas class that since they were the inaugural class they wouldn't have to pay for the school until they received a job. Lie. No one has gotten a job yet. They then told him that he would be able to qualify for Vocational Rehab since he was a disabled veteran. Lie. According to the VA, he doesn't qualify. The school continuously reassured him that he would be able to receive financial assistance. ALL LIES.

I have been telling him the whole time that he needs to be aggressive with them. Jonas has a heart that loves to give people the benefit of the doubt and I love that about him. He contacted the school one last time. He asked if they could lower the payments or even defer the payments until he got a job. Jonas received an e-mail yesterday saying that he owed the full monthly payments of almost $900 starting April 1 and they were not going to do anything to help. How wrong is this??? It is crazy!!

Jonas is in the process of contacting his congressman and lawyers. The school used negligent misrepresentation to get him to sign on to the program. He would have never signed on if they hadn't promised him financial assistance. If this was a field he really wanted to pursue he could have gone to a school in Tyler where they give veterans free tuition. Not only that, but Jonas had already tested with the Plano Police Department and passed. He could have had a job as a police officer in a well paying city. Instead, he has spent an entire year with no job because he was in school.

Thankfully, Jonas got out of their with his CTO for the FAA. He is completely eligible for hire with the FAA. So far that is the only good thing that has come out of this situation. This coming Sunday is selection Sunday with the FAA where they choose controllers for airport openings in the FAA. We are praying earnestly that Jonas is on the list and will be placed soon. We are very anxious to see where God leads us.

Please join with us in prayer for our situation. We have a lot of really hard decisions to make. Including, getting married and trying to find me a car. We deserve the wedding we have always wanted. With this new debt lingering we might have to put it on hold. We so badly want to start our lives together and celebrate our relationship. Please pray for our patience and our finances. We have really hit a brick wall. We love you all.

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