Sunday, March 20, 2011

This post is a little late...NEW CAR

In October of 2003, I received my very first car! It was a 1996 Red Chevy Cavalier. As a 17 year old I was THRILLED! It was in great shape and it was super cute for a first car. Everyone agreed that it fit my personality and red is one my favorite colors. It was quickly named The Ladybug, because despite being red, it had a black bumper. I wish I had a picture on Ladybug in all of her glory.

I graduated high school and off to college I went. My dad prayed that the Ladybug would get me through college, and it did! As a matter of fact, it lasted PAST college. I graduated college in December of 2008. We said goodbye to the Ladybug in February 2011.

Now the condition of the Ladybug started changing dramatically around 2006. Wreck #1 damaged the bumper and the trunk. From that day on my trunk was tied down from the inside. When I would hit a bump my trunk would always open slightly, then slam shut. I never got used to it. Wreck #2 damaged the front right end. I had duct tape on my headlight and is a huge dent from where the small appliance hit (Neither of my wrecks involved other cars. Wreck #1 I slammed into a concrete barrier on I35 after doing two 360s across the highway. Wreck #2 I hit a small appliance that had fallen off the back of a truck on 190.) So, after both wrecks with in 6 months, there has been a massive amount of paint chipping and rust. Despite, all of the cosmetic damage, the little red car had minimal mechanical damage until this year.

Currently the check engine light is on, and my brake light as well. The tires are VERY worn. There is no A/C and no radio. The windshield has developed an odd film that makes it impossible to see in the rain or at night. The trunk is still roped shut. You have to add water to the radiator ever 3 months. It was time to upgrade.

On February 19th, 2011 we bought a newish car. Now, I fly like a G5! I have included some before and after pictures! Rejoice with us!

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