Sunday, April 17, 2011


*DISCLAIMER*Anytime you are married, and you don't have children, anytime you say you have an announcement people always assume your pregnant! NOT THE CASE HERE! We are still holding off on that for a while!

With that being said, the is still BIG NEWS for us! After much prayer and petition, by us and by our loved ones, our sweet SWEET Lord provided Jonas a JOB!!! It is not with the FAA as an air traffic controller, but it is with the TSA! Yes yes, I completely approve of my husband being a professional fondler. The TSA is getting a lot of flack lately for their methods of keeping America safe these days. If it came down to no pat downs versus more pat downs, I would choose the latter. We have crazy people in this world! As far as children, the Jihad terrorists have made very clear that children are dispensable. Hello...they strap bombs to children EVERYDAY! (Lets get off the soap box and more to the news!)

So Jonas has been sending out COUNTLESS resumes and job applications. Every where...and I do mean everywhere! He applied with BNSF railroad, all the way in Bozeman, MT. He even applied (without my initial knowledge) as an overseas contractor in the Middle East. You would think I would be mad about this random job search across the globe (without any discussion), but I wasn't. I am so blessed to have a husband, that would do ANYTHING, move anywhere, and even possibly put himself in danger, for us! He wants to provide for US! Not only that, but he bathed every single job opportunity in prayer. Our mindset since this journey started has been , You Say Go! Wherever God directed us to go, we were going to go. Even as far as Bozeman, MT (I would have been completely out of my element!!) Deep down, our hearts really desired to stay in Texas. We love Texas, and we enjoy being near family and friends.

Psalm 37:4
"Take delight in the Lord, and He will give you the desires of your heart!"

WE ARE STAYING IN TEXAS! Not only Texas, but DFW AIRPORT! We won't even have to leave the DFW area. THANK YOU JESUS!!! We will be leaving Denton and moving to Dallas. This is a little bittersweet for us. I have been here for almost 7 years. We have made great friends here and shared soooo many sweet memories. I am sure we will be back often for our Denton fix. Nothing will ever beat Old West Cafe, Beth Marie's, El Guapo's, the Square, or the $3 Car Wash. We are currently looking at two apartments. One off of 190 near The Colony and the other off of Dallas North Tollway in Addison.

So what does this mean for Jonas and the FAA? Jonas' ultimate goal is to be an acting air traffic controller. He will still be applying for air traffic control opportunities! The great thing about this situation is that the TSA and the FAA are both federal jobs. Once you are recognized as a federal employee, it is much easier to make a horizontal transition to another federal agency. We are hoping the TSA will open the doors to a job with the FAA.

Jonas is in the final hiring stages. It takes forever to get a federal job. He has his Airport Assessment on the 25th. They basically take your fingerprints and give you the rest of the hiring tools. From there it is pretty much a drug test between the official job offer. He already has a contingent job offer. Be praying for timing. We are suspecting, that when he is initially hired, he will only be permanent part-time. This means he won't have access to his full salary. It is crucial that timing with that works out because my last day at work will be July 23rd. We know God is good and he will provide. We are just praying for the small stuff at this point.

Jonas and i are so excited about what the Lord is doing in our lives. We knew this year was going to bring a lot of change! We are ready to be used in whatever the way the Lord wants to use us! Bring it on Jesus!

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