Tuesday, November 15, 2011

My Best Friend's Wedding

Well, my bestest friend Britny Jade got married on November 12, 2011.  She has traveled down a lot of broken roads (She hates Rascal Flatts, so in turn will probably hate that statement).  I could not be more pleased with her hubby.  Jonas and I love Carrigan to death.  We are so glad the Lord brought the two of them together.  I rejoice in knowing our families are going to grow together.  I have been so very blessed by Britny's friendship.  My prayer is that we have two daughters that will be able to experience that joy as well.  I cannot wait to see where the Lord takes the McKenzie's (Please know that I am selfishly praying that it doesn't take you to Oklahoma. :p )

Is it really already November??

Good Gracious!  I haven't written a blog in a long time!  There has been some new things going on around here! Especially on the job front.

Jonas FINALLY started with the TSA back in October.  He is commuting from Garland to Lovefield.  His hours have been very erratic. The first couple of weeks of classroom training were normal hours 8am-5pm.  On Saturday he wrapped up two weeks of his second round of training shadowing another employee.  Those hours were a little brutal 12pm-9pm.  It was great because he got to sleep in but I was pretty much always asleep by the time he got home.  I felt a little like two passing ships.  Not a fun feeling.  Tomorrow, Jonas starts his official part-time hours and rotation. His hours are awesome 6am-11am. He will get home in plenty of time.  He is even thinking about possibly picking up a second job part-time.  Initially, we thought he would be part-time for a short time (6 or so weeks).  During training, they informed him that he could be part-time up to a year.  The process is a little annoying to me.  However, we are dealing with the federal government.  I am not sure why I had higher expectations.  Jonas is also in the middle of another FAA hiring panel for air traffic control.  We are still waiting to here on that, but are plenty grateful and content with his current position.

I started a long term substitute teaching position in October.  I am teaching middle school history (one of the hardest things I have ever done :/ ) We initially thought it was only going to be 3-6 weeks.  As it stands now, I am more than likely going to be there until after Christmas.  The sweet sweet teacher I am filling in for has had a rough couple of months.  She went in to have what they thought were cysts removed.  It turned out to be stage 4 Burkett's Lymphoma.  The doctors pushed her in head first with treatment.  It is some of the most aggressive cancer treatment because of the rarity of Burkett's.  Her name is Becca Richardson, please stop and pray for her.  I can not imagine going through what she is going through as a 26 year old newlywed.  The Lord is teaching me so much through this experience.  I am getting great classroom experience and is I am connecting with some of the most amazing teachers and colleagues I have ever encountered.  

We are still living with Jonas' sweet mother.  Thank God for her gracious spirit.  From the looks of it, we will probably be here for a little while.  Both of us want to have a stable job before we move, whether that is a house or another rental.  We are still praying over it.  I know God will provide in His own beautiful timing.  I can't believe Thanksgiving is next week.  It is insane to me. Our CHRISTMAS PICTURES are next week!! Christmas pictures!  I am very excited about those.  Be looking out for another post with all of those lovelies in it. :)

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