Thursday, December 29, 2011

Christmas Christmas!

Things were a little different this year.  For the last several years, Christmas morning has been spent with my family.  Since there are only two granddaughters we watch them open their gifts every year.  This year Jonas and I packed up and headed to Amarillo to spend Christmas with his family.  His cousin Adrian is leaving in January for Afghanistan and we wanted to spend time with him and his family  before he left.  Jonas' family always provides plenty of entertainment and joyful memories.  We had a great time and even got a white Christmas!  We still have one more Christmas to go with Jonas' dad!  

My top 3 gifts this year:

1. Bare Essentials Make-Up from Jonas

2. Chocolate Toms and some clothes from my parents via Nordstrom Gift Card

3. Camel Colored Steve Madden Boots! 

We also took our annual Christmas pictures with the fabulous Jillian Zamora!  Last year I was in front of her camera 4 times!  I have looked forward to our Christmas pictures alllll year!  She always manages me look like a million bucks despite the reality!  We also took these pictures with the Aldrich's.  However, it was stupid cold and we were trying so hard to get sweet Annabelle out of there, we forgot to take our group photo!  Luckily they are going to reschedule the last part of their session.  Jonas and I are going to sneak in on the last picture!  I think that photo is going to be so neat to look back on chronologically to watch our sweet families grow together!  It blesses my heart to think of what that collection will look like 10 years from now :) Here are a few of my very favorites from this year:

We hope you had a wonderful Christmas with your loved ones! Let's never forget the real gift we received of a sweet baby years ago!  Can't wait till next year! 

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