Sunday, December 30, 2012

Gender Reveal!!!

I know this post is a little late but I finally found some time to sit down and type it out.

Ever since Britny and I found out we were both pregnant, despite how awesome it is and still unbelievable, we didn't want our pregnancies jumbled together.  It is an exciting time in both of our lives so we want equal amounts of oooohhhs and aaaahhhs :) We want to have separate showers and hopefully our kiddos will have different birthdays.  However, we do want to enjoy a small part of this sweet journey together!  Immediately there was talk of a joint gender reveal party amongst our friends.  Theresia, Britny's mom, gave us both a gift of a trip to Storkvision in Rockwall.  The party was scheduled for Sunday, December 16th.

So on Friday, December 14th, Jonas and I set out for our appointment.  Jonas and I had decided to go ahead and find out at our appointment.  As much as we wanted to have the big reveal, we also wanted to enjoy some sweet time with just the two of us celebrating our sweet baby.  I am really happy we did. We were able to share the news with his mom, sister, and dad and stepmom.  We also went out that night and bought the first little onesies!

Brit and I had started off with an idea of a Christmas theme.  With her mom and Cortney, we were able to find some really cute decorations.  I think everything turned out really cute :)

Britny's sweet cousin made this amazing cake!  Absolutely adorable!

 As guests arrived, the filled an ornament with their guess.  We each had a tree that was filled with guesses by the end of the night :) 

Before the big reveal, we played a little game.  Cortney asked us a series of old wives tales.  Depending on our responses it was supposed to be able to predict whether we were having a boy or a girl.  

We were very blessed to have so many people excited to celebrate this sweet time with us.

Brenda and Landon are also expecting!  Her due date is two days before mine.  They are having a sweet baby girl, Olivia Joy! 

Aunt Jen seems especially excited!! 

Cortney's mom, Phyllis, was sweet enough to host our party at her beautiful home.  Such a blessing.

At about 7:00 it was time for the BIG REVEAL!!  Jonas and I went first :) 


Then it was Britny and Carrigan's turn!  Britny and Carrigan had decided to wait until the party to find out.  It was killing me because I just knew there was no way in the world we were both having the same gender!  It would be too good to be true.  However…

IT'S A BOY TOO!!!!!!!!

I could not be more excited to watch our boys grow up together.Not to mention, Cortney already has Austin Reed! I can already see them having a very special relationship.   Hopefully, just like their mommas.  I see a bunch of trouble and mischievous behavior in our future.  The daddy's are already planning the hunting and camping trips.  So very special.  I still can't believe it.  

Stay tuned…Our 20 week post is coming soon :)  With more sweet pictures of Mr. Liam! 

Saturday, December 15, 2012

16 weeks

How far along? 16 Weeks

Total weight gain/loss: Zero

Maternity clothes? Two pairs of jeans 

Stretch marks? Nope

Sleep: Pretty good!  I am only comfortable on my right side though.

Best moment this week: We found out the GENDER!!! There will be a whole separate post for that :) 

Miss Anything? Being able to breathe!  I had a really nasty sinus spell that lasted about 3 weeks!  Finally got some antibiotics and things are looking up! 

Movement: Sometimes I feel little "pops" I can't tell if it's the baby moving or just gas though :)  However, at our gender sono, at first it seemed to be asleep but it had the hiccups.  Pretty cute.  Then I had to go wiggle and wake it up so it would be cooperative.  We really saw some moving then!  That gummy bear even stuck its hand in its mouth :)

Food cravings: Bean Burritos from Taco Bueno!  I stop and get one as a snack after school 

Anything making you queasy or sick: Meat still tends to give me heartburn.     

Have you started to show yet: Definitely more of a round bump!  Getting cuter :P

Gender prediction: Look for the big reveal on Sunday the 16th :)   

Belly Button in or out? In but it is definitely different.  More shallow and flatter.

Wedding rings on or off? On

Happy or Moody most of the time: Happy, getting more and more excited! 

Looking forward to: Celebrating the gender reveal with our family and friends!! 

Doctor Appointment on December 7th: Just a belly check!  We also got to hear the heart beat again!  Dr. M said everything is going just perfect!  Anatomy Scan is scheduled for January 3rd ! 

Extra:  Here is a sweet profile picture!  Look at that cute button nose!  It's sporting some cheeks and full lips too!  We can't wait for our next sono and more pictures of this precious baby! 

Wednesday, November 21, 2012

12 Weeks

How far along? 12 Weeks

Total weight gain/loss: 2 lbs lost ( I had a nasty stomach bug the week before and never really recovered the weight)

Maternity clothes? Skinny Jeans.  They are the small band and are a little big still but they take the muffin top look away so it feels better.  

Stretch marks? Nope

Sleep: Wake up a couple of times a night to pee 

Best moment this week: Less and less nausea ! 

Have you told family and friends: Yes!

Miss Anything? Cold subs.  Just a simple cold turkey sandwich!  Dang listeria.

Movement: No but I like to lay really still in the morning to try and feel something :) 

Food cravings: Chips and queso…anything cheesy really.  Grilled Cheese or Cheese Quesadillas

Anything making you queasy or sick: Smells… I never know what will make me gag. I also have a hard time eating meat. It always gives me heartburn.   

Have you started to show yet: Yes.  I feel like I shouldn't be showing like this considering I have lost weight.

Gender prediction: Girl - We really don't have a preference at all but I just have a feeling its a girl.  

Labor Signs: No…holy moly that would not be good.

Belly Button in or out? In

Wedding rings on or off? On

Happy or Moody most of the time: Happy.  Exhausted but happy.

Looking forward to: Finding out the gender of this little one and eating more normal food. 

Doctor Appointment on November 9th: Dr. McClintock said everything is perfect.  We were able to hear the sweet little heartbeat. It was very strong!  It was definitely music to momma and daddy's ears.  We also got some very good news about our insurance.  Feeling very blessed that Daddy has the job he has.  It is only going to cost about $150 to bring our little bundle into the world and at one of the top hospitals in Dallas.  We could not be happier with Medical City or my doctor.  

I stole this little questionnaire  from a blog I found on Pinterest.  I feel like it is a pretty good way to track things :)  I will probably be posting pictures and updates every 4 weeks.  Stay tuned :) 

Thursday, November 8, 2012

Can't do anything alone...

So I mentioned in my oooo Baby Baby post that my BFF Britny was happy to SHARE in my joy.  Let me tell you that little story.  First let's start from the beginning.

Brit and I have been friends since we were three.  Ever since then we have been attached at the hip. Never going anywhere or doing anything without the other one.  We were each others comfort blanket. We tried to go as a Simese twin ghost for Halloween one year.  I was a big brat about it and it ended up failing miserably... Moving on.  God knew 23 years ago that we were going to need each other and he bonded us like sisters.  With that being said, we have been through EVERYTHING together including many firsts...

  • Simultaneous Chicken Pox
  • First at home perms...(HELLO 90's)
  • First fist fight...(with each other.) 
  • First lost teeth
  • First broken bones
  • First boyfriends
  • First heartbreaks...(and 100 after that)
  • First Cars
  • First real encounter with Christ...(We were saved on the same night)
  • 13 years of first days of school
  • First year in college
  • 23 years of birthdays
So that brings us to Tuesday September 18th, 2012.  I called Brit to tell her the news that I was pregnant.  She was asleep and didn't see her missed call til around 9:00.  She texted me back and I immediately called her during my conference period.  She was thrilled to hear the good news and then quickly it reminded her...She was 6 days late.  My response was "GO TAKE A FREAKIN TEST!"  30 minutes later I get a picture through text.  It was a pregnancy test with two pink lines! Her next texts were as follows "You have got to be kidding me." and my favorite " Well, apparently God doesn't think we can do anything alone!" 

Needless to say we are both so excited to be going through this together!  The kicker...OUR DUE DATES ARE ONE DAY APART!  I think God's timing is amazing and quite comical!  People's responses have been:

"Well if it happened to anyone it would be yall!"
"Not surpised. At all"
"Do you two do ANYTHING without each other?"
"That is awesome."

We are secretly hoping we both have girls.  We could only pray our daughters would have the bonded relationship we were blessed with.  May could not get here soon enough! We are ready to celebrate one more first together... Our first babies !

Waiting on baby: Weeks 4-10

I decided a while back that when I documented my pregnancy; I was going to be real and genuine. I wasn't going to talk about how awesome everything is all the time and how being pregnant is all rainbows and unicorns. I have been blessed enough to have friends who have been able to counsel and give me great genuine advice. The reality is…While a baby is a miracle and God's process is completely remarkable; growing a human is hard work. I know there is going to be just as many rainbows as there is hard work. I promise not to be negative Nancy!

I have been pretty awful about documenting my first trimester.  I was really good about it for awhile on my pregnancy app.  However, as of lately, I haven't done a great job.  I have felt pretty good overall.  I have friends who have had "morning sickness" all day and all night through their first trimester and even into their second.  I have had morning sickness and week 5 was probably the worst.  I had to get a prescription for my nausea.  That has pretty much worn off.  I am nauseous in the morning, but it feels more like an intense hunger.  I am pretty sensitive to smells so the littlest thing will make me gag.  I keep a box of cereal in the bathroom so I can munch slowly all morning.  Cinnamon Oatmeal Squares have been my life saver.  I also have random bouts of indigestion.  Sometimes it is provoked and sometimes it's not.  Ranintidine has worked very well for that. 
Breakouts.  Oh my goodness.  My face has been horrible.  I have never had this much acne on my face.  Not even when I hit puberty.  It is driving me batty and nothing seems to help.  I asked a friend how to get rid of it and her response was… give birth.  So please excuse my face and try not to stare if Mt. Kilimanjaro is giving you the evil eye.

My job in general wears me out emotionally and physically.  Even before I was pregnant.  Jonas said that I am an old lady with a bedtime before 9:00 every night.  Pregnancy exhaustion, takes it to a whole new level.  I could sleep all day.  My body completely starts to shut down the second I walk in the door.  

Other than those couple of things, I have felt great.  The first trimester has been pretty easy.  I really can't complain.  Looking back at this blog it kind of sounds like a lot of complaining but I am fully aware it all comes with the package.  A very beautiful package tied in a pink or blue bow. 


Sunday, October 28, 2012

ooooo Baby Baby!

That's right!  On Tuesday morning, September 18th, 2012 our world was forever changed!  We found out we are going to be parents!  Here is how the day played out…

We made the decision back in June that I would quit taking my birth control pills and just let God work in His timing.  We had been analyzing and debating for a while about it and decided that we would just let God make the decision for us.  I didn't really have any expectations or hopes right away.  However, when August rolled around and nothing had happened I found the disappointment set in.  So when September rolled around I was watching pretty close.  I had an extra test lying around and decided to just go ahead and take it to get the disappointment out of the way before I made it to school.  I took the test and went about my business, fully expecting a negative test, I hopped in the shower.  When I got out of the shower I glanced at the test, and to my surprise, there were two pink lines!  Jonas was still sleeping because he didn't need to be at work until 9:30…a normal wife would have probably woken their husband up.  Knowing my husband…I decided not to completely rock his world at 6:00 in the morning.  Not to mention he would probably have not been able to process anything the rest of the day.    I decided to tell him when he got home that evening.

In the meantime, there was NO WAY I could keep that bottled up all day.  I called the one person who I have shared EVERYTHING with since we were 3, Britny.  SHE DIDN'T ANSWER!  So I called the next future soon to be Aunt,  Jen.  I had to hold the phone away from my ear at least 6 inches because of the sheer squealing.  It quickly knocked everything into reality!  Britny finally texted me about 9 and I happened to be in my conference period.  I called her right away!  When I told her the good news she was happy to SHARE my joy…( another post about that later :p)

The day could NOT have gone any slower!  I had racked my brain all day on how I could tell Jonas the good news.  Jonas has always had goofy nicknames for me.  One of my recent nicknames has been Lil Mama.  He comes and eats lunch with my on Friday's when I don't have lunch duty and on our iCal it's labeled "Lunch w/ Lil Mama" for the rest of the school year.  He didn't know how true that nickname actually was.  Soooo I decided to make a t-shirt that said Lil Mama and have it on when he got home.  Either he didn't get it at first or he was just in shock and trying to act like it wasn't true…With such exciting news, I knew we were going to need a chill night.  On the way home from work, I stopped and picked up a movie very fitting for the occasion "What to Expect When Your Expecting".  That was the end of the day that our world was changed :)

Now that I am about 10 weeks along, we are getting more and more excited.  We know this is going to be a tough but very rewarding journey as parents.  We can't wait to meet our little gummy bear!

Saturday, September 1, 2012

Ready to Rock? Ready to Roll!

This week kicked off my first year teaching.  These last two weeks have been a complete whirlwind.  Walking in to my classroom on Meet the Teacher night was very surreal.  I was so nervous and excited to meet my kiddos.  Luckily, the majority of my students know me from substituting last year and had already told their parents about me.  It was very comforting knowing that they were excited to be in my class.  However, even though I knew the kids, it didn't make it any less awkward.  In general, I feel Meet the Teacher is awkward.  The parents are on edge to meet the person who is going to spend more time with their kids then they are during the week.  The kids are anxious to be moving up a grade. I AM ANXIOUS as a first year teacher. It makes for a very weird mood all night.  Thankfully, I have the privilege of team teaching with a dear friend and have such a great relationship with my co-workers.  Here is a picture Deanna, Audrah, Chelsea, and I at meet the teacher! 

The first day of school came faster than I could blink!  I was a bundle of nerves.  Luckily, I am surrounded by co-workers who love the Lord.  Several of us met in my room around 7:15 and prayed over our year and the kids that we have been called to serve.  I have to say, that was so refreshing and renewing.  It put my heart in the right place for the rest of the week.  As educators, we may not be able to speak the name of Jesus in our classrooms, but we are in the perfect position to serve with His heart and show His love light.

I have had an awesome week.  I absolutely love my kiddos.  I can already see who my nail biters are going to be but I am praying that God give me renewed patience with those few.  My kids have such tender hearts and they really aim to please.  They truly love to help each other.

I think these two pictures were my highlights...

We had a conversation on the first day of school about how Mrs. Palomino really likes to be organized.  One little girl spoke up and said "Well we should be organized with our stuff too!"  I just told them that was their choice and their stuff was their responsibility.  I purchased water bottles for the whole class to keep at school so they wouldn't need to leave the room to get a drink.  I went over to the shelf  where we keep them the next day and this is what I found.  I almost died!  See... they really aim to please!

The first day we also did an activity that involved making a picture web of our favorite things.  One student came up to chat during this time:

Boy: "Mrs. P, I am having a really hard time trying to draw Las Vegas"
Me: "Las Vegas?"
Boy: "Yeah, like Nevada."
Me: "Las Vegas is one of your favorite things?"
Boy: "Trust me, I go there to gamble."

This was the result of that conversation!

Praising God for this 3 day weekend to recover! Praying over my next week with my sweet kiddos.  Can't wait to see where we go next week :)  If you want to follow more about what we do in our classroom, we have a blog too! 

My Classroom!

Well my journey as a second grade teacher has begun! I had been working very hard in my classroom since the beginning of August.  This is how it looked when I started...

Aren't those walls and cabinets an awful  awesome color! Needless to say, I needed lots of color to brighten things up a little.  I can't function with boring. 

There are still a couple of little projects that I need to get done but they are going to have to wait for a little while.  Overall, I am very happy with my "2nd Grade Rocks" theme!  

Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Soapbox: In Response to the Chik-Fil-A Movement...

I just want to put out a disclaimer for anyone who may ask me a question about any "hot topic"...

Including all of the following:

If you are reading this blog, there is absolutely no secret that I am a Christian.  I worship a very loving and merciful God.  I also worship a God who hates sin, and calls his "image bearers" to run from sin and be mindful of its existence and past destruction and pain it has caused throughout generations.  I have first hand account to all of those things listed above. I can say I have personally committed dishonesty, idolatry, and slander.  I have seen the first hand effects of divorce, homosexuality, and murder.  I am a product of divorce, a divorce caused by manipulation and homosexual affairs at that.  I know people close to me who have committed murder and killed either by means of abortion or self-defense.  

HEAR ME WHEN I SAY THIS!!  I AM A SINNER but I HATE SIN! We are called as Christians to hate the sin not the sinner. I hate the emotional turmoil and brokenness it brings with it.  Does that mean I hate myself?  Does that mean I hate people who commit these sins.  NO!  I will say it again.  NO!  I do not hate myself.  I am beautiful in the way God made me both weak and strong.  I love my mother, I do not hate her even though she is an addict and a homosexual.  I don't have a relationship with her because of the damage her sin causes me physically not because I am judgmental.  I still love her enough to plead with God to heal her and save her.  Enough to curse at Satan for invading her heart.  I do not hate my husband for spending six months fighting terrorists to keep this country safe, despite the sin that came from that.  I am utterly in LOVE with my husband and I am thankful that he too has Christ who has covered his sin ten times over on the cross.  

 Jeremiah 3 is a perfect reflection of what I am talking about.  A sinful and wicked Israel witnesses the hatred that God feels for sin.  However, God backs that up with mercy and provides.  Later, Christ came to fulfill the law.  I always have and always will be a sinner but I pray that God reveal my sin in me so that I may repent (and believe me... He has no problem doing so!) It is not an easy road when you are constantly sinning, and trying to worship the Lord without guilt and shame. Thankfully, I can find rest for my soul.

I believe Mr. Cathy had every right to confirm with the Baptist Journal his biblical stance on sin.  The reflection of this world is wicked. Very wicked.  If you ask my opinion of the above mentioned topics, I pray God gives me the boldness to respond biblically and not politically correct. I pray that as a people we stand up for truth and not to just kick someone in the pants or "stick it to the man".  I almost went to CFA for the kicking part and to stand up for first amendment rights and blah blah blah.  So glad God reasoned with my stupid soul.  

My prayer is that people are lining up and down the streets to churches this week.  Christ can quench your thirst better than even the best sweet tea and has better fruit to give than a little fruit cup.  I pray we be cravers of the word and not cravers of the ever so delicious chicken and waffle fries.  

Call me crazy. 

Monday, July 23, 2012

Vacation: Carillon Beach, Florida

On Saturday, July 7th at 3:00AM (No, that is not a typo.)  the Palomino's, the McCullough's, the Aldrich's, and the Perrin's set out on a road trip to Carillon Beach, FL.  We pulled up to this little gem about 18 hours later.  This picture was taken the next morning since it was already dark by the time we got there.

Carillon Beach is a small gated and private community about 10 minutes from Panama City.  It has it's own private beach, 3 swimming pools, and village area. We discovered this jewel on VRBO (I highly recommend using this website for your travel needs!) The beach walk over was about 75 yards from the house.  I couldn't have ask for a more picturesque view.

Since all of the kids were with us, we wanted to have a day to take them and do something fun.  We searched on the internet and found a place called WonderWorks.  It is kind of like the Science Place but way cooler.  We ALL had a blast goofing around!

Of course, most of our time was spent on the sugary sands and playing in the emerald waters...

We found time to eat some amazing food as well. We ate the majority of our meals at home but got out a couple of times for the Florida fare. If you are on the hunt for some great seafood, Stinky's in Santa Rosa Beach is the way to go!  I had some fried green tomatoes on top of crawfish etouffee.  Jonas and Stormi had oysters and the Stinky's platter, that had a sampling of everything under the sun.  Here is a picture of the ladies in front of the restaurant.

On the last night we got cleaned up and headed down to the beach for some family pictures.  I love how they turned out.  Chelsea did an amazing job!! 

This was the best vacation I have ever been on.  We are truly blessed to have such amazing friends and family that surround us.  We were constantly reminded of God's grace and mercy throughout the week.  His loved shined through His beautiful creation and in the hearts He knitted together.  I pray that He continues to allow our families to do life together and make a lifetime of memories for His glory.

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