Saturday, February 4, 2012

January 30th Weigh In

Well I put this one off because it was to no surprise that I only lost .2 lbs...  I had been battling a nasty sinus infection and did not do very well at working out or keeping track of my diet and snacking.  However, I have been much better this week.  I adjusted my diet slightly and raised my daily calorie and sodium intake.    I have a feeling my body was going a little bit into shock and starvation mode...Or so the ap MyFitnessPal keeps telling me!

Up until this week I have been doing all cardio at the gym.  I attempted to do a circuit of push-ups and planks...HA!  What a joke!  I won't even admit how far I got because it is down right pathetic.  When I was a freshman in college, I took a pilates/ dance conditioning class as part of my "art" credit.  I got to where I could hold a plank position for at least a minute... Not so much anymore.  I am slowly going to have to start incorporating strengthening to my workouts.

Hopefully, I will have a better weigh-in on Monday!

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