Friday, April 20, 2012

Some Beautiful Things Lately...

There have been several updates and praises around the Palomino world lately!  I have been holding off on blogging to let some of those updates play out! 

First of all my beautiful new niece, Landree Claire Aldrich, was born on April 3rd at 3:21PM.  This little girl came in one of the biggest storm and tornado series that we have seen in a very long time.  As difficult as her momma's pregnancy was, I made the joke that we were experiencing "Hurricane Landree".  Needless to say, she entered this world in full drama queen fashion.  Here is a picture of me and LC the day after she was born. This day also happened to be my birthday :)  Yep, that is a pretty awesome birthday present I get to snuggle with.  Couldn't have asked for anything more :) 

However, there has yet to be a homecoming party for our little hurricane.  She is having an extended vacation in the NICU.  She is having a little bit of difficulty with her feedings but over the last few days she has made LEAPS and BOUNDS!  I am in very high hopes that she will be able to come home very soon.  Several of you have been praying for sweet LC, and I thank you from the bottom of my heart.  Please continue praying for Jen, Austin, Annabelle, and LC as they are on this journey of uncertainty.  I have seen God move more in the past 12 days with one little girl then I have in my entire life.  It is very inspiring and makes me ever so grateful that we have an abundant and gracious Lord.  The palm of His hand is the safest place for this girl to be :)  

Last week, Jonas was notified that he had been officially selected to be interviewed as an ATC for the FAA!  This has been something we have been waiting for and praying about since December 2009 when he graduated.  According to several people in the field, the interview process is more of a formality than anything.  He will be setting up he interview for the end of this month.  

Please continue to pray for us during this process.  It will force us to make some very hard decisions over the next couple of months and possibly hear some very uncomfortable news.  The FAA has an option to place Jonas at any ATC tower in the state of Texas.  My selfish heart is terrified of that.  We have grown to LOVE our life here back in Garland near our close friends and family.  We have also fallen in love with our faith family.  It was such a desire for us to find a faith family that would inspire us to be on fire and enjoy doing life with.  I have also rekindled my love for teaching.  I have finally set my career into motion. The thought of leaving all of that is absolutely petrifying and heartbreaking for me.  The hiring process is also very VERY long and vigorous.  It could take up to a year to be placed in a tower.  Then, Jonas could spend anywhere from 3-9 months in Oklahoma City.  Ultimately, I know this is a career that Jonas is passionate and very talented at.  It is a career that will provide well for our family.  I am trying to trust that the Lord has this in control. This is very hard for my controlling nature.  The enemy knows how to get under my skin and push all the right buttons.  God is bigger and better to control my life.  I need to FULLY relinquish it to Him.

ALSO, I registered for my EC-6 Generalist exam at the end of last month.  I took my test on Tuesday and this morning I found out that I PASSED MY EXAM!  This means I am officially eligible for hire in the State of Texas!  I could not be more excited to get my career off and running.  I am still hoping to stay at Vista :) I just adore my coworkers and our kiddos.  

Here is a picture of some me and some of my co-workers :) ( Ruth Ann, I may or may not have stolen your picture :P)  Wouldn't you just be so excited to work with these beautiful ladies!?

Jonas today: "Do you remember me saying this was going to be a good year?"

Your right babe.  This has been a WONDERFUL year so far...and it is only APRIL ;)  
Now let's go find some wood and knock a couple of times :)

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