Monday, June 18, 2012

My summer so far and learning to let God drive...

So I feel like this summer is already flying by.  With me not working, the days seem to be much longer!  With all of this extra time on my hands you would think I would be getting all sorts of projects done.  Not so much.  When you are on a fixed budget it really limits your projects!  However, I was really excited last week to discover a Teacher Retirement Sale!  It is right down the street from the house.  This teacher was a big time hoarder! This first sale was only 20 boxes... Which doesn't sound like a lot but it took  up her entire living room and a trailer outside.  For $20 I was able to get: 2 milk crates, 2 file crates, 4 slot paper stacker, border, and about 35 brand new folders!  All of her storage stuff was from Lakeshore...I saved a bundle.  She said she will be having a sale every other weekend until it's all gone and she has everything unpacked.  Apparently she still has 60+ boxes to go through.  I signed up for her mailing list to find out her sale dates. Her trash will be my treasure.  I also just paid for my Probationary Certification with the TEA.  It felt official before but it feels REALLY official now!

I have a couple of projects I want to get started on this week:

  • Finish my lamp for my classroom
  • Start putting together my file folder games and ELA centers. ( I already have about 20 collected)
At some point this week or next, I need to go up to the school and start going through stuff and making a list of things I need.  I also want to pick up some of the curriculum so I can start researching and building my activity library and lesson plan ideas.  It seems like I may be starting too early, but I really feel the pressure of starting from scratch and feeling behind.  I have a lot of great ideas, I just need to start working through it all and make sure it is aligning with the curriculum.  

Jonas finished the last bit of paperwork he needed before he receives his TOL(Tentative Offer Letter) from the FAA to accept his ATC position (So many acronyms!).  Jonas follows an ATC message board about the hiring process and people post details about the stage they are in and when they are hired.  This has really been something we cling to because it is like a glimpse of what to expect.  The hiring process is so very lengthy and the federal government is so erratic, we never know what is around the corner or how long it is going to take to round it... We know people who have been hired and then are starting the academy 7 months later, and we know someone who was hired in March of 2011 for the fiscal year of 2013.  It makes it difficult to make plans for our family without knowing a timeline.  

This process has really drawn us to lean very strongly on God.  He is the only one who knows where we are headed.  It is funny though, Jonas and I were saying last night, how for the first time we feel like we have nothing to worry about.  We are in a good place with our careers and our marriage.  We couldn't ask for better friends or faith family.  We are just sitting back, soaking it all in, and letting God drive.  It kind of feels like we are on a road trip and we don't know where God is going to take us next.  It is exciting and very comfortable enjoying the view from the back seat. 

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