Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Soapbox: In Response to the Chik-Fil-A Movement...

I just want to put out a disclaimer for anyone who may ask me a question about any "hot topic"...

Including all of the following:

If you are reading this blog, there is absolutely no secret that I am a Christian.  I worship a very loving and merciful God.  I also worship a God who hates sin, and calls his "image bearers" to run from sin and be mindful of its existence and past destruction and pain it has caused throughout generations.  I have first hand account to all of those things listed above. I can say I have personally committed dishonesty, idolatry, and slander.  I have seen the first hand effects of divorce, homosexuality, and murder.  I am a product of divorce, a divorce caused by manipulation and homosexual affairs at that.  I know people close to me who have committed murder and killed either by means of abortion or self-defense.  

HEAR ME WHEN I SAY THIS!!  I AM A SINNER but I HATE SIN! We are called as Christians to hate the sin not the sinner. I hate the emotional turmoil and brokenness it brings with it.  Does that mean I hate myself?  Does that mean I hate people who commit these sins.  NO!  I will say it again.  NO!  I do not hate myself.  I am beautiful in the way God made me both weak and strong.  I love my mother, I do not hate her even though she is an addict and a homosexual.  I don't have a relationship with her because of the damage her sin causes me physically not because I am judgmental.  I still love her enough to plead with God to heal her and save her.  Enough to curse at Satan for invading her heart.  I do not hate my husband for spending six months fighting terrorists to keep this country safe, despite the sin that came from that.  I am utterly in LOVE with my husband and I am thankful that he too has Christ who has covered his sin ten times over on the cross.  

 Jeremiah 3 is a perfect reflection of what I am talking about.  A sinful and wicked Israel witnesses the hatred that God feels for sin.  However, God backs that up with mercy and provides.  Later, Christ came to fulfill the law.  I always have and always will be a sinner but I pray that God reveal my sin in me so that I may repent (and believe me... He has no problem doing so!) It is not an easy road when you are constantly sinning, and trying to worship the Lord without guilt and shame. Thankfully, I can find rest for my soul.

I believe Mr. Cathy had every right to confirm with the Baptist Journal his biblical stance on sin.  The reflection of this world is wicked. Very wicked.  If you ask my opinion of the above mentioned topics, I pray God gives me the boldness to respond biblically and not politically correct. I pray that as a people we stand up for truth and not to just kick someone in the pants or "stick it to the man".  I almost went to CFA for the kicking part and to stand up for first amendment rights and blah blah blah.  So glad God reasoned with my stupid soul.  

My prayer is that people are lining up and down the streets to churches this week.  Christ can quench your thirst better than even the best sweet tea and has better fruit to give than a little fruit cup.  I pray we be cravers of the word and not cravers of the ever so delicious chicken and waffle fries.  

Call me crazy. 

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