Thursday, November 8, 2012

Can't do anything alone...

So I mentioned in my oooo Baby Baby post that my BFF Britny was happy to SHARE in my joy.  Let me tell you that little story.  First let's start from the beginning.

Brit and I have been friends since we were three.  Ever since then we have been attached at the hip. Never going anywhere or doing anything without the other one.  We were each others comfort blanket. We tried to go as a Simese twin ghost for Halloween one year.  I was a big brat about it and it ended up failing miserably... Moving on.  God knew 23 years ago that we were going to need each other and he bonded us like sisters.  With that being said, we have been through EVERYTHING together including many firsts...

  • Simultaneous Chicken Pox
  • First at home perms...(HELLO 90's)
  • First fist fight...(with each other.) 
  • First lost teeth
  • First broken bones
  • First boyfriends
  • First heartbreaks...(and 100 after that)
  • First Cars
  • First real encounter with Christ...(We were saved on the same night)
  • 13 years of first days of school
  • First year in college
  • 23 years of birthdays
So that brings us to Tuesday September 18th, 2012.  I called Brit to tell her the news that I was pregnant.  She was asleep and didn't see her missed call til around 9:00.  She texted me back and I immediately called her during my conference period.  She was thrilled to hear the good news and then quickly it reminded her...She was 6 days late.  My response was "GO TAKE A FREAKIN TEST!"  30 minutes later I get a picture through text.  It was a pregnancy test with two pink lines! Her next texts were as follows "You have got to be kidding me." and my favorite " Well, apparently God doesn't think we can do anything alone!" 

Needless to say we are both so excited to be going through this together!  The kicker...OUR DUE DATES ARE ONE DAY APART!  I think God's timing is amazing and quite comical!  People's responses have been:

"Well if it happened to anyone it would be yall!"
"Not surpised. At all"
"Do you two do ANYTHING without each other?"
"That is awesome."

We are secretly hoping we both have girls.  We could only pray our daughters would have the bonded relationship we were blessed with.  May could not get here soon enough! We are ready to celebrate one more first together... Our first babies !

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