Thursday, November 8, 2012

Waiting on baby: Weeks 4-10

I decided a while back that when I documented my pregnancy; I was going to be real and genuine. I wasn't going to talk about how awesome everything is all the time and how being pregnant is all rainbows and unicorns. I have been blessed enough to have friends who have been able to counsel and give me great genuine advice. The reality is…While a baby is a miracle and God's process is completely remarkable; growing a human is hard work. I know there is going to be just as many rainbows as there is hard work. I promise not to be negative Nancy!

I have been pretty awful about documenting my first trimester.  I was really good about it for awhile on my pregnancy app.  However, as of lately, I haven't done a great job.  I have felt pretty good overall.  I have friends who have had "morning sickness" all day and all night through their first trimester and even into their second.  I have had morning sickness and week 5 was probably the worst.  I had to get a prescription for my nausea.  That has pretty much worn off.  I am nauseous in the morning, but it feels more like an intense hunger.  I am pretty sensitive to smells so the littlest thing will make me gag.  I keep a box of cereal in the bathroom so I can munch slowly all morning.  Cinnamon Oatmeal Squares have been my life saver.  I also have random bouts of indigestion.  Sometimes it is provoked and sometimes it's not.  Ranintidine has worked very well for that. 
Breakouts.  Oh my goodness.  My face has been horrible.  I have never had this much acne on my face.  Not even when I hit puberty.  It is driving me batty and nothing seems to help.  I asked a friend how to get rid of it and her response was… give birth.  So please excuse my face and try not to stare if Mt. Kilimanjaro is giving you the evil eye.

My job in general wears me out emotionally and physically.  Even before I was pregnant.  Jonas said that I am an old lady with a bedtime before 9:00 every night.  Pregnancy exhaustion, takes it to a whole new level.  I could sleep all day.  My body completely starts to shut down the second I walk in the door.  

Other than those couple of things, I have felt great.  The first trimester has been pretty easy.  I really can't complain.  Looking back at this blog it kind of sounds like a lot of complaining but I am fully aware it all comes with the package.  A very beautiful package tied in a pink or blue bow. 


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