Sunday, December 30, 2012

Gender Reveal!!!

I know this post is a little late but I finally found some time to sit down and type it out.

Ever since Britny and I found out we were both pregnant, despite how awesome it is and still unbelievable, we didn't want our pregnancies jumbled together.  It is an exciting time in both of our lives so we want equal amounts of oooohhhs and aaaahhhs :) We want to have separate showers and hopefully our kiddos will have different birthdays.  However, we do want to enjoy a small part of this sweet journey together!  Immediately there was talk of a joint gender reveal party amongst our friends.  Theresia, Britny's mom, gave us both a gift of a trip to Storkvision in Rockwall.  The party was scheduled for Sunday, December 16th.

So on Friday, December 14th, Jonas and I set out for our appointment.  Jonas and I had decided to go ahead and find out at our appointment.  As much as we wanted to have the big reveal, we also wanted to enjoy some sweet time with just the two of us celebrating our sweet baby.  I am really happy we did. We were able to share the news with his mom, sister, and dad and stepmom.  We also went out that night and bought the first little onesies!

Brit and I had started off with an idea of a Christmas theme.  With her mom and Cortney, we were able to find some really cute decorations.  I think everything turned out really cute :)

Britny's sweet cousin made this amazing cake!  Absolutely adorable!

 As guests arrived, the filled an ornament with their guess.  We each had a tree that was filled with guesses by the end of the night :) 

Before the big reveal, we played a little game.  Cortney asked us a series of old wives tales.  Depending on our responses it was supposed to be able to predict whether we were having a boy or a girl.  

We were very blessed to have so many people excited to celebrate this sweet time with us.

Brenda and Landon are also expecting!  Her due date is two days before mine.  They are having a sweet baby girl, Olivia Joy! 

Aunt Jen seems especially excited!! 

Cortney's mom, Phyllis, was sweet enough to host our party at her beautiful home.  Such a blessing.

At about 7:00 it was time for the BIG REVEAL!!  Jonas and I went first :) 


Then it was Britny and Carrigan's turn!  Britny and Carrigan had decided to wait until the party to find out.  It was killing me because I just knew there was no way in the world we were both having the same gender!  It would be too good to be true.  However…

IT'S A BOY TOO!!!!!!!!

I could not be more excited to watch our boys grow up together.Not to mention, Cortney already has Austin Reed! I can already see them having a very special relationship.   Hopefully, just like their mommas.  I see a bunch of trouble and mischievous behavior in our future.  The daddy's are already planning the hunting and camping trips.  So very special.  I still can't believe it.  

Stay tuned…Our 20 week post is coming soon :)  With more sweet pictures of Mr. Liam! 

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