Thursday, May 16, 2013

38 Weeks!!

How far along:  38 Weeks! UGH!

Total weight gain: I have honestly lost track more than 35 lbs I think...

Maternity clothes? Oh you mean the ones that I have almost outgrown as well...

Stretch marks? Yeah...they didn't disappear over night.

Sleep: Still sleeping on my right side.  However, I am waking up more and more for various reasons. 

Best moment these last couple of weeks: I have a student in my class that has quite the sense of humor.  He received a Six Flags ticket for participating in the 360 Reading Program.  He has a large family so I decided to give them my teacher admission ticket.  He then went to math and science and this is what he told Audrah "Mrs. Romero, it was so cool of Mrs. Palomino to give me her Six Flags ticket.  She wasn't going to use it, I mean, who really wants to see a woman give birth on a rollercoaster!"  To this I about died laughing.  We also got to have one last sonogram to check on his umbilical cord placement.  We were just thrilled to get to see those chubby cheeks one more time before we meet him :)

Miss Anything? Being able to breathe, or stand, or sit... All around, just out of room. 

Movement: He is still very active but running out of wiggle room by the minute.  When he does have a freakout it is usually when I am driving.  I don't know why, but he does not care for it at all.  We have been able to feel specific body parts which is really crazy.

Food cravings: Not really, just trying to eat small meals when I can.  I have kicked up the spicy food to try and induce some labor.  However, seeing as to how I have eaten spicy food pretty much my whole pregnancy, it isn't really working.

Anything making you queasy or sick: Besides Braxton Hicks...

Labor Signs: Braxton Hicks are officially here to stay I am afraid.  I have also started swelling and retaining water more and more.  Not attractive to say the least. At my 37 week check up I wasn't dilated at all.  I have also had a couple of other big labor signs happen, but we won't go into all the gory details. 

Belly Button in or out? Popped out officially...

Wedding rings on or off? Still off and currently sitting in a Robbin's Brothers box freshly cleaned and redipped.

Happy or Moody most of the time: I have officially hit moody...Pretty irritable.  It is just time to have this baby...Thankfully, I have amazing friends and I get daily texts of love and encouragement.  It is all getting me through these last few weeks. 

Looking forward to: Holding him in our arms and kissing those precious chubby cheeks.  ALSO, getting to meet Miss Olivia Joy for the first time!  Brenda had Olivia on Monday and we are itching to meet her.  Unfortunately, it will have to wait until after Liam is here.  I think he would be pretty upset :)

Doctor Appt 37 Weeks: Belly Check, Cervix Check, and Ultrasound... Perfect, Not Dilated, Umbilical Cord is stable and good to go!  Liam was weighing in at a whopping 6lbs 15 ozs. Could be more though because they couldn't get an accurate measurement of his was too round.

Doctor Appt 38 Weeks:  This one was quite the scare.  I swelled pretty suddenly in my hands, feet, and face.  I attributed it to normal 38 week swelling but I went a head and sent Dr. M an email updating her of my new symptoms so I wouldn't get yelled at the next day at my scheduled appt.  She emailed me back and asked me to check my blood pressure.  I took it 3 times at school using a wrist monitor.  130/103...150/115...156/98.  Needless to say, she called me back immediately and told me to get straight to the hospital.  Freaked me out a little and since I was at school it stirred up a little drama, which included Audrah running from carpool to take me to the hospital.  We got to the office and low and behold...Normal BP.  Slightly higher then my typical reading but with all the drama it was to be expected.  The second reading was even lower and right on track with where I had been my whole pregnancy.  Come to find out, wrist monitors aren't all that accurate. Good to know.

Next appointment May 17th! Praying she says I am ready to go!

Sunday, April 28, 2013

36 Weeks…9 Months…Full Term…4 More Weeks…HOLY MOLY!

How far along: 36 Weeks! Holy Moly

Total weight gain: 33 lbs… Somehow lost a pound... 

Maternity clothes?Obviously…I would much rather roll out of bed and wear pajamas every single day from now until he pops out… I did purchase some comfy new pajamas for my hospital bag!! 

Stretch marks? Between week 34 and now…those little marks under my belly button has now turned into full fledge marks and are also above my belly button.  So sad. 

Sleep: Mostly on my right side now…but still comfortable. It helps that I am purely exhausted once I hit the pillow. 

Best moment these last couple of weeks:  Baby organization weekend!  We spent an entire Saturday getting our last baby items and getting everything ready!  I may have gone a little ridiculous with the organization.  Everything is labeled and categorized.  I know it is doubtful that it will stay that way with the chaos of a newborn but it makes me relax.  His cradle is put together and just ready for a baby! Friday we also picked up our travel system and got our hospital bag packed.  We also got to celebrate Liam's BFF one more time.  Cortney and I ( and Brit's aunts and family friends) hosted Ryder's family shower.  I was very pleased how it turned out…very beautiful.  

Miss Anything?  Eating normal size meals.  I officially have very little room left.   

Movement: More than I would like at the moment.  He likes to stay wadded up tightly on the right side of my abdomen and then stretches his feet up under my diaphragm.  All that pressure on my right lung makes it very difficult to breathe.  

Food cravings: Nope.

Anything making you queasy or sick:  Nope.

Labor Signs: I have had my first few painful Braxton Hicks.  They were in my back and stretched across the left side of my abdomen.  I have heard this is a really good chance that I will have back labor.  Whomp Whomp. 

Belly Button in or out?  Popped out officially... 

Wedding rings on or off?  Still off and currently sitting in a Robbin's Brothers box freshly cleaned and redipped.  

Happy or Moody most of the time: ANXIOUS! COME ON BABY BOY!! WE ARE READY TO MEET YOU! 

Looking forward to:  Meeting our boy… that is the only thing missing.  We are ready for a baby.   

Doctor Appt on April 26th:  Pretty much just a belly check…They also did my Strep B test but we won't go into what that entailed… One last sono scheduled for next week!  I am curious to see how big this little stinker is...

34 Weeks...

How far along: 34 Weeks!  Yeah I know I didn't make my 32 week post… Sorry.  I also want to apologize for my blog being under construction…I will get my act together soon :)   

Total weight gain: At this appointment I went ahead and asked my total weight gain…it was actually 34 lbs… I must have missed a week in my calculations somewhere!  

Maternity clothes? All the time…I officially miss my real clothes!  I did score a cute pair of skinny jeans at Goodwill for $5!  They are thinner then the jeans I have on in the picture so they are much cooler for the ever warming temperature.  

Stretch marks? I noticed some little ones under my belly button :( 

Sleep: Surprisingly well…I think the 3rd trimester exhaustion is starting to set in so I could pretty much sleep standing up.

Best moment these last couple of weeks:  MY BEAUTIFUL BABY SHOWER!! I will have a whole separate post for that but blessed doesn't even describe how I feel by all my sweet friends. 

Miss Anything? Still... Walking normally.  I have the waddle now.  It just feels funny.  I also get out of breath really quickly.  

Movement: Less kicking but plenty of wiggling and stretching.

Food cravings: Nope.

Anything making you queasy or sick:  At week 31, we discovered that I had developed shingles.  Just a small spot on my back.  Luckily, we caught it very early and we were able to stop it from spreading any further.  No pain.  God was in total control of that situation because it could have made for a very miserable end to my pregnancy. ANNNND How about that awesome  stomach bug that invaded the 2nd grade and then decided to attack me with a full force this weekend (the reason behind the very unattractive picture).  I have been known to puke from time to time.  When I puke it is with every fiber of my being while using my entire body.  Being 8 1/2 months pregnant and puking in this manner…DOES NOT WORK!  I was miserable for a solid 48 hours.  Pray you don't encounter this superbug.

Labor Signs: None, thank the Lord. 

Symptoms: Just pure exhaustion

Belly Button in or out?  Out by the end of the day...

Wedding rings on or off?  Still off and currently sitting in a Robbin's Brothers box freshly cleaned and redipped.  

Happy or Moody most of the time: Happy and very thankful for such a wonderful pregnancy so far. 

Looking forward to:  Getting organized … I can't stand the chaos that currently has taken over my dining room :) 

Doctor Appt on March 22 and April 19:  Just belly checks…Everything is measuring perfect! His heartrate is still very strong.  Dr. M is very very pleased with the fact that his is such an active baby.  My next appointments start my weekly appointments… CRAZY!  My next post will be at 36 weeks! 

Saturday, March 16, 2013

30 Weeks!

How far along: 30 weeks! 10 more to go!   

Total weight gain: 16 lbs. as of right now but I am sure this will change come Friday! 

Maternity clothes? My favorite things so far... Jean capris (thank you Chels!) and the pants I have on in the picture.  I officially feel the most comfortable in the full panel pants with stretch.  I really wish I had some more pants like these.

Stretch marks? Still not on my belly... More have recently popped up on my legs... 

Sleep: As of this week, pretty uncomfortable.  I think he might be trying to turn head down this week.  It is putting extra pressure on my pelvis and is making it pretty painful to move. Sometimes, he kicks and I swear I can feel it in my hips...Very strange feeling.  Also the my belly needs its own pillow for support otherwise my hips start to cramp in the middle of the night.  I started taking Unisom (Yes, it is on my approved medicine list from my doctor!) to help me go back to sleep easier when I do need to wake up.  So far, last night was a success.

Best moment these last couple of weeks:  This week was Spring Break for me so it meant lots of extra rest.  We also got a dresser, which I love!  It is going to double as a changing table in our bedroom.  We got his closet organized and all of his clothes washed that we have accumulated so far.  I am feeling a little bit better about him coming in 6-10 weeks. 

Miss Anything?  Walking normally.  I have the waddle now.  It just feels funny.  I also get out of breath really quickly.   

Movement: Still quite the kicker.  He especially likes attempting to attack the water in the shower.  I find it quite comical. 

Food cravings: Nope.

Anything making you queasy or sick:  Nope.

Labor Signs: None, thank the Lord. 

Symptoms: Feeling the Braxton Hicks for sure now.  Mostly when I have been too active.  If I overdue it, my body lets me know.  They aren't all that comfortable but bearable.  Just really annoying.   

Belly Button in or out?  Neither... It's just pretty much flat. 

Wedding rings on or off?  Still off and currently sitting in a Robbin's Brothers box freshly cleaned and redipped.  

Happy or Moody most of the time: Happy and anxious.  Very anxious to meet our boy.  I am a little bit more irritable and less patient.  I am sure this isn't going to be the best qualities and something I am going to have to really try and keep reigned in since patience is kind of a necessity in my line of work.  

Looking forward to:  Celebrating my bff Britny and Baby Ryder this weekend!  My shower is also a short 2 weeks away.  I am very very excited! 

Doctor Appt on March 12th:  I went in for my 3 hr glucose test.  I didn't see Dr. M.  However, I did pass my test!  No gestational diabetes for this mama! WhoooHooo! Next appt, is set for March 22nd. 

Be looking for another post in two weeks!  I can't believe I am already to 2 week posts!  Crazy how much time is flying buy! 

Sunday, March 10, 2013

Maternity Pictures

25 weeks is a little early to take maternity pictures.  I did not want to be huge or swollen or have that dreaded pregnancy nose.  Yes, you get a swollen looking nose when your pregnant and for some reason I find it horribly scary.  Jonas and I are trying to save as much money as possible before little guy gets here.  We decided to try and take these pictures by ourselves.  Jonas bought us a new Canon T3i for Christmas along with Adobe Lightroom.  A good camera will take you very far.  I am pretty proud of the final product!  However, we aren't going to risk this for his sweet newborn pictures.  
We will be leaving that up to the lovely Jillian Zamora. Here are a few of my favorites!

28 Weeks

I have been really bad on the belly picture thing!  I am going to make a conscious effort starting next week to get every picture!! This picture is pretty special to me though.  This is Britny and I at 28 weeks with our sweet boys! 

How far along? 28 Weeks…I know I am a week late on posting.  

Total weight gain: 16 lbs.  and still very happy with my progress so far!

Maternity clothes? All the time. I am finding it harder and harder to dress in the morning.  I notice it is taking me more time than usual to pick out my outfits.  I did go shopping last week and was able to get two new maternity shirts! They were buy one get one free!  I will be wearing those to upcoming showers :) 

Stretch marks? Still not on my belly...

Sleep: The last 4 weeks have been pretty comfortable.  I have actually been very surprised at how well I have been sleeping.  I have noticed that when I get up, I am a little bit more sore.  

Best moment these last couple of weeks:  Well it wasn't really a big event but I realized something on my drive to work one morning.  The last few weeks have been nuts with my kiddos.  Spring Fever kicked in way too soon this year.  I was feeling very beat down and overwhelmed and even irritable, complaining more than usual about everything.  Liam is more active than ever and at times it can become very uncomfortable or even painful.  Very rarely do I ever listen to KLTY.  I like contemporary Christian music but sometimes they play very repetitive songs and I need more energy than that.  Especially in the morning.  The song "Love Me Anyway" by the Sidewalk Prophets came on.  It is a song I have heard a million times but for some reason God spoke it into my heart that morning.  The bridge says "I am the thorn in your crown, but you loved me anyway.  I am the sweat from your brow, but you loved me anyway."  I couldn't help but think that, feeling the emotional beat down from the kids and the jabs to my ribs from my child, is the exact thing God feels in our daily disobedience.  I am a constant beat down to him and jab to his ribs.  Yet, he continues to love and tolerate me.  Needless to say, it changed my outlook.  I know it will be the same with Liam.  He is never going to do anything to make me stop loving him.  I love that God can show us an extension of his grace through parenting.  It really is a beautiful picture and makes me very thankful to love a God full of such love and mercy. 

Miss Anything?  Wearing anything I want. 

Movement: Our son is still a very very active baby.  

Food cravings:  I haven't really had any cravings these last 4 weeks.

Anything making you queasy or sick:  Nope.

Labor Signs: None, thank the Lord. 

Symptoms: I think in the last week I started feeling a couple of Braxton Hicks.  I read that they can feel like quick urges to use the restroom.  I have had that a couple of times and then went to the restroom and there wasn't really much there.  I guess that is what I was feeling.  Heck if I know...I haven't done this baby thing before.  Still get charlie horses at night.  I also feel very tender in my pelvic muscles.  I guess that is just preparation for what is to come in 8-11 weeks :) 

Belly Button in or out?  Neither... It's just pretty much flat. 

Wedding rings on or off?  Still off and current;y sitting in a Robbin's Brothers box freshly cleaned and redipped.  

Happy or Moody most of the time: Moody sounds so negative.  I am still pretty happy overall.  I have recently got to where I will tear up for no reason or for something very small.  Which is not in my personality.  At all. 

Looking forward to:  My baby shower!  It is going to be March 30th!  I am getting more and more anxious about not being prepared.  Other than some clothes, a few receiving blankets,  and his diaper bag...we are completely unprepared for his arrival.  I can't wait to see what my sweet friends come up with for the shower.  I am pretty excited to celebrate our boy :)  

Doctor Appt on February 26th:  This was a pretty important  appointment.  This appointment was my 1 hr glucose test and also a sonogram.  The sonogram was begin monitoring his umbilical cord attachment.  Dr. McClintock said everything looked great.  The cord is very firmly implanted and doesn't appear to be moving at all.  They won't be checking it again until 36 weeks.  It was also great to catch a glimpse of our boy.  He was very healthy measuring in at approximately 2lbs 8oz.  My blood tests came back about 48 hours later.  I failed my glucose test.  Whomp Whomp.  I go in on March 12th to take the 3hr test.  My iron also came back low.  I started taking over the counter iron supplements this week.  Praying for great results at my March 12th appointment.  I have been very careful these last few weeks watching my sugar and what I eat.  Hopefully, it will help.  

Extra: Our energetic, healthy boy!! 

Sunday, February 10, 2013

25 Weeks! 15 More to go!

How far along? 25 Weeks…I know I am a week late.  Unfortunately, I totally slacked on a belly picture too.  We did go out and take maternity pictures.  So technically the picture above is 24 weeks and 6 days :) I am going to post a second blog with all of those :) 
Total weight gain: 13 lbs.  I am pretty happy with that so far.  My goal weight for the entire pregnancy is 30 lbs so I am feeling pretty good!
Maternity clothes? Oh yeah.  In the last two weeks, jeans have become very uncomfortable.  Mostly for Liam.  When I sit down,  jeans seems to put a lot of pressure on my lower abdomen.  He will punch and squirm until I move.  My staples so far have been two pairs of fleece lined leggings.  I picked them up at Ross at the beginning of my pregnancy for $4.  ALSO, I was incredibly blessed with a tub full of maternity clothes.  This tub started to be passed around about 3 years ago and every momma who has had it has added a little to it each time.  It's kind of like the Sisterhood of the Traveling Stretchy Pants :)  Can't wait til I can add a few things to it and pass it on in a few months.   I would highly suggest starting one of these if you and your friends are all in the same stages of life. 

Stretch marks? Not on my belly.  However, my butt and my inner thighs have not been so fortunate.  
Sleep:  Oh the sleep…I want to preface with the fact that I hate feeling constrained when I sleep.  Jonas and I have a king size bed and we sleep on the edge so we don't touch.  About 3 weeks ago it started getting more uncomfortable.  I was sleeping with about 6 pillows.  One between my knees, a couple behind my head, and 2-3 pillows wedged behind my back to keep me from laying flat.  Last week, I broke down and bought a body pillow.  This has proved to be a great decision.  I sleep on my back with a wedge of pillows behind my back and pelvis.  So far it has been very comfy.  The only problem is waking up 4 times a night to pee and then having to re-adjust all of the pillows!  
Best moment these last couple of weeks:  Two Sunday's ago, we were eating lunch after church at Popeye's with the Aldrich's.  Jen was asking Annabelle who was in my belly.  For some reason, she has a difficult time remembering Liam's name.  We think it's because it's more different.  She has no problem remembering Britny's baby Ryder.  Jen asked her a few times and she stumbled on Liam's name.  Then she said "Do it again! I know the baby in that belly!"  I thought it was the funniest thing!  I can't get over how blessed I feel to know that Liam is going to be surrounded by so many other kiddos his age and watch those friendships.  Annabelle, I am sure your new cousin is just as excited to meet you!! 

Miss Anything? The freedom to move however I like.  Whether that be getting up quickly, or to just sit on the floor and craft.  I am never too sure how my body is going to react.  I had heard about pregnancy inducing charlie horses but I have never experienced one before.  The other morning I was asleep and I went to move my leg.  IT HIT ME LIKE A FREIGHT TRAIN.  My first charlie horse in my calf.  I immediately  woke up and screamed "NOOOOOOO!" Jonas was up getting ready and came running in.  I think I scared him but when he realized it was a charlie horse he through back the covers and just grabbed my leg and massaged it out.  It was comical looking back at it, but oh my goodness, lets not have anymore of those.  
Movement: More like, when is he not moving.  It's rare if I go 30 minutes without feeling him move.  Brit told me when Ryder moves he normally just kicks on one side.  Not our son.  He flips and kicks and wiggles and hops as much as possible.  Especially in the morning.  I have tried recording it because I can't believe how active he is, but he must realize it because he stops as soon as turn the camera on.  I think we are going to have the personification of energy on our hands.  Lord help us now!

Food cravings: Anything buffalo sauce.  I have just loved it lately.  Not sure why.  Very strange craving and definitely not a healthy one.  Considering most things buffalo are all fried.
Anything making you queasy or sick: Well, being pregnant has made me very aware of how short my torso actually is.  I can't eat a whole lot without getting very full.  I don't get sick but I am feeling acid reflux a little more sensitive.
Labor Signs: Nope.  Not looking forward to those Braxton Hicks on the horizon. 

Symptoms: I have actually felt great.  I am most definitely feeling pregnant though size wise.  By the end of the night my belly is pretty sore.  I feel like I can't stretch anymore.  My short torso isn't giving baby boy much room either.  I have been getting cramps at the base of my ribs.  I don't think it's from him kicking them, as much as its the pressure from my organs and my uterus growing.  (IF YOUR A GUY STOP READING HERE!) My boobs are a little bit out of control.  This was most definitely the symptom I feared the most going into pregnancy.  I can no longer wear regular bras because they bruise and leave very little flexibility.  Not looking forward to the third trimester when they hit their peak.
Belly Button in or out? Ummm its getting pretty flat.  I will give it two weeks before it's completely flat.
Wedding rings on or off? Off :( This made me so sad.  I love my wedding rings.  I can start the day in them but they just get too tight as the day progresses.  I went out this week and bought a fake wedding band as a supplement.
Happy or Moody most of the time: Happy , although, I have started to feel a little bit more emotional.
Looking forward to: On the 26th we have another Dr. appt.  It's a sono appt to check on his umbilical cord insertion.  I feel very blessed to be getting another sono!  Any extra chance to see my sweet boy makes me happy :)  Daddy is reuniting with his old band for one last show!  He has to travel to Big Spring, TX which is a little far but I am excited he will get to perform one last time.  We decided it would be best for me to stay home just because 5 hours to drive would be miserable.  We are going to make sure there is a recording of the event.  I want Liam to be able to see that when he gets older.  I love that his Daddy has a passion for music and I hope it's a trait Liam embraces as well. 

Doctor Appt on February 1st: Just a belly check!  Dr. M said everything looked perfect once again!  She was also very happy to hear that he is such an active baby.  She said that is a very good sign of a healthy baby!  She went to place the doppler on my belly and before she did I told her "I can't promise you he isn't going to kick that!"  Sure enough. The second she put it on my belly.  She didn't even get a chance to hear a heart beat at first.  He kicked it about 3 times in the 45 seconds she had it on there.  Little stinker.  

Saturday, January 5, 2013

20 Weeks

I can't believe we are half way there!! I am so anxious to meet our sweet boy.

How far along? 20 weeks
Total weight gain/loss: Well… 10 lbs.  Keep in mind please this has been over Thanksgiving and Christmas where we have been doing a lot of dining out.  I have also developed a sweet tooth.  The doctor said she wasn't going to give me a lecture since it was the holidays :) buuuutttt I need to watch it the next 4 weeks.  I would say 10 lbs overall isn't bad!  I feel pretty proud of myself for not being a whale yet!
Maternity clothes? Took my first trip to Motherhood and got a couple shirts.  Pretty hard to conceal this belly!
Stretch marks? Nope
Sleep: It's getting a little more uncomfortable.  Mainly because I am very conscious about rolling over onto my back.  Something about it cutting off blood flow and it makes me nervous.  I have been putting either a pillow or blanket behind me that way if I do  roll over, at lease I am still slightly tilted.
Best moment these past 4 weeks: We went to San Antonio for Christmas and were able to stop at the outlets in San Marcos on the way back.  I was able to get Liam's Christmas shirt at Janie and Jack.  We also found a Carhartt  diaper cover to wear in his newborn pictures!  Shopping has been fun.  Lots of fun!  
Movement: Oh man! He is active! Rolling around and kicking like crazy!  Jonas got to feel him move for the first time the day after Christmas.  He is most active in the morning around 8:00 and in the afternoon around 4:00.  It is crazy to me how they are already on a little schedule.  He also enjoys his space.  If I put any extra pressure where he is or sit the wrong way, he will let me know really quick.  
Food cravings: Lately it has been sweets.  Not a good thing.  
Anything making you queasy or sick: Nope.  Everything is going down just fine!    
Have you started to show yet: I officially look pregnant.  Over the last two weeks my friends have been made comments that it looks like I grew overnight.  I am ok with that though :) 
Baby Name: Liam Jonas Palomino
Belly Button in or out? In but it is definitely different.  More shallow and flatter.
Wedding rings on or off? On
Happy or Moody most of the time: Happy.  Could not be more happy.
Looking forward to: Getting to see him in 20 short weeks!! Can't wait!  I am also pretty excited about our shower.  Hoping for it to be at the end of March.  Normally, I am on the planning end of all the showers so I am really looking forward to sitting back and taking it all in :) 
Doctor Appointment on January 3rd: This appointment was our anatomy scan.  The technician spent about 20 minutes looking over everything and making sure he was developing how he should be.  I was just happy to be sitting back and watching the monitor.  Catching a glimpse of his little feet or hands.  He is proving to be photogenic already.  Never has a problem showing that sweet profile :)  He had has left arm above his head again but his right hand looked like he was scratching his butt!  Little stinker is going to be ALL boy!  Everything seems to be going along great!  He is measuring perfect at 12 oz.  When we talked to Dr. M she did inform us that the umbilical  cord had a marginal insertion to the placenta.  Basically, instead of being inserted at the center of the placenta, it is inserted at the edge.  She didn't seem too concerned but wants to monitor it starting at 28 weeks to make sure he is growing like he should and that it isn't moving too much.  It is only found in 7% of pregnancies but very rarely causes complications during delivery.  We are in good spirits and have 150% confidence in our doctor.  Not too worried about it.  
Extra:  Another profile shot with his hand over his face.  Also his feet :) 

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