Thursday, May 16, 2013

38 Weeks!!

How far along:  38 Weeks! UGH!

Total weight gain: I have honestly lost track more than 35 lbs I think...

Maternity clothes? Oh you mean the ones that I have almost outgrown as well...

Stretch marks? Yeah...they didn't disappear over night.

Sleep: Still sleeping on my right side.  However, I am waking up more and more for various reasons. 

Best moment these last couple of weeks: I have a student in my class that has quite the sense of humor.  He received a Six Flags ticket for participating in the 360 Reading Program.  He has a large family so I decided to give them my teacher admission ticket.  He then went to math and science and this is what he told Audrah "Mrs. Romero, it was so cool of Mrs. Palomino to give me her Six Flags ticket.  She wasn't going to use it, I mean, who really wants to see a woman give birth on a rollercoaster!"  To this I about died laughing.  We also got to have one last sonogram to check on his umbilical cord placement.  We were just thrilled to get to see those chubby cheeks one more time before we meet him :)

Miss Anything? Being able to breathe, or stand, or sit... All around, just out of room. 

Movement: He is still very active but running out of wiggle room by the minute.  When he does have a freakout it is usually when I am driving.  I don't know why, but he does not care for it at all.  We have been able to feel specific body parts which is really crazy.

Food cravings: Not really, just trying to eat small meals when I can.  I have kicked up the spicy food to try and induce some labor.  However, seeing as to how I have eaten spicy food pretty much my whole pregnancy, it isn't really working.

Anything making you queasy or sick: Besides Braxton Hicks...

Labor Signs: Braxton Hicks are officially here to stay I am afraid.  I have also started swelling and retaining water more and more.  Not attractive to say the least. At my 37 week check up I wasn't dilated at all.  I have also had a couple of other big labor signs happen, but we won't go into all the gory details. 

Belly Button in or out? Popped out officially...

Wedding rings on or off? Still off and currently sitting in a Robbin's Brothers box freshly cleaned and redipped.

Happy or Moody most of the time: I have officially hit moody...Pretty irritable.  It is just time to have this baby...Thankfully, I have amazing friends and I get daily texts of love and encouragement.  It is all getting me through these last few weeks. 

Looking forward to: Holding him in our arms and kissing those precious chubby cheeks.  ALSO, getting to meet Miss Olivia Joy for the first time!  Brenda had Olivia on Monday and we are itching to meet her.  Unfortunately, it will have to wait until after Liam is here.  I think he would be pretty upset :)

Doctor Appt 37 Weeks: Belly Check, Cervix Check, and Ultrasound... Perfect, Not Dilated, Umbilical Cord is stable and good to go!  Liam was weighing in at a whopping 6lbs 15 ozs. Could be more though because they couldn't get an accurate measurement of his was too round.

Doctor Appt 38 Weeks:  This one was quite the scare.  I swelled pretty suddenly in my hands, feet, and face.  I attributed it to normal 38 week swelling but I went a head and sent Dr. M an email updating her of my new symptoms so I wouldn't get yelled at the next day at my scheduled appt.  She emailed me back and asked me to check my blood pressure.  I took it 3 times at school using a wrist monitor.  130/103...150/115...156/98.  Needless to say, she called me back immediately and told me to get straight to the hospital.  Freaked me out a little and since I was at school it stirred up a little drama, which included Audrah running from carpool to take me to the hospital.  We got to the office and low and behold...Normal BP.  Slightly higher then my typical reading but with all the drama it was to be expected.  The second reading was even lower and right on track with where I had been my whole pregnancy.  Come to find out, wrist monitors aren't all that accurate. Good to know.

Next appointment May 17th! Praying she says I am ready to go!

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